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Non Skid Paint Coatings

SlipDoctor’s top-grade range of non-slip paint for walkways, stairs, ramps, patios and floors

Your non-skid paint coating should serve several purposes, including being slip-resistant, easy to clean, and should allow you the choice of color you need or want.  While all SlipDoctors non-slip coatings and treatments increase slip resistance there are times that you need to rather paint the slippery surface to increase traction. In these cases, you need to invest in specifically designed non-skid paint coatings that have stood the test of time.

With over 10 years of experience, SlipDoctors takes floor safety, quality and slip-injury prevention into account with all our non-skid paint products and accessories. We now offer three variations of non-slip paint that are industry-leading floor safety solutions.

Below you will find the range of our non-skid paint coatings that include:

Dura Grip Non-Slip Paint

The first non-slip paint solution is Dura Grip which is a high-performance non-slip epoxy paint specifically designed to give a durable barefoot-friendly textured finish on a variety of surfaces. Dura Grip anti-slip epoxy is the perfect solution for slippery metal ramps, marine boat decks, trailers, stairs and most residential and industrial floor areas where slip-and-fall protection is needed. Dura Grip non-slip epoxy paint comes in 3 sizes with multiple color options to choose from, click here to see more.

Tuff Grip Non-Skid Paint

The second range of non-skid paints we offer are Tuff Grip & Tuff Grip Extreme which are our most aggressive non-skid paints on the market. Tuff Grip & Tuff Grip Extreme are highly effective urethane non-skid paint coatings designed to offer a robust and deeply textured non-skid finish. Tuff Grip can be used on a variety of surfaces including loading ramps, walkways, warehouse floors, machine-operating areas and factory floors.

Whilst both Tuff Grip and Tuff Grip Extreme offer an intense level of non-skid surface traction the difference between the two are Tuff Grip Extreme offers an added UV protection and fast-drying application time, click here to see more.

Along with our range of non-skid paints below you will also find all the accessories needed including paint primer and anti-slip paint application tools. If you are not sure about which non-skid paint is right for you be sure to give us a call and our dedicated team will help you through the selection process -> Click here to contact us now.



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