Stone Grip - Non-Slip Tile Treatment


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Our best seller! Stone Grip for Porcelain, Ceramic & Stone Floors - Non Slip Tile Treatment. Stone Grip will dramatically increase traction and improve safety on wet stone floors. The slip resistance will surpass guidelines recommended by ADA/OSHA for floor safety.

Easy to apply with a sprayer, microfiber T-mop or Stone Grip Applicator. Follow the instructions to clean and dry the floor, apply the treatment and rinse it off. Our solution creates microscopic treads to increase traction within minutes. Even when wet, your flooring’s slip resistance after treatment to surpass ANSI A137.1, A326.3 or B101.3 standards. For use on all porcelain, stone or ceramic surfaces and goes on clear – with no change in appearance.

HOW IT WORKS: Stone Grip works with the minerals in the natural flooring surface to microscopically transform the surface by creating micro-treads that increase traction. After treatment, these micro-treads create more “grip” on the tile that helps prevent slips and falls…especially on wet surfaces…with little or no change the appearance. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Available in quart (treats up to 100 sq ft) and gallon (treats up to 400 sq ft).

SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE: Stone Grip is almost odorless and requires minimal surface prep prior to treatment. Read and follow label instructions carefully. Clean and dry the surface, perform a test on your tile to determine treatment time, apply Stone Grip using a microfiber T-mop or garden tank sprayer, neutralize with a mixture of baking soda & water, rinse and that’s it! No dry time…surface is ready for immediate use! Typical treatment time is 5-15 minutes. 

Installation Instructions (TDS) |   |  |  Application Video

Quart Gallon 4-Gallon Case
Coverage per Sq Ft 75 400 1,600
Cost per Sq Ft (Appx.) $0.60 $0.21 $0.20
Applicators Included - - 1
Volume (liters) 0.97 3.78 18.92

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